Dear Quarantining Students, 


We really appreciate you quarantining for the sake of the rest of us (and because College says so)! 


To offer a small thing back, this date is on us!  


However, if you'd like to take this opportunity to make a charitable £2 donation towards a charity, we will send your donation to Choose Love, a charity helping refugees during the current crisis. Your donation will be particularly helpful in the context of the recent Moria emergency where almost 13,000 people have been displaced and thousands have lost their possessions and shelters. 

To find out more, please visit:


If you would like to make a donation, just click on the Donate button. If not, your work is done and you just need to look forward to your free date on Friday September 25th at 7:30pm.   

Sending you good vibes,

The Date Tonight Café Team

Thank You For Visiting The Date Tonight Café !!!